Agile Working Mode

In recent years, agile working has become increasingly popular, with working from home being the new norm in many workplaces. With a deep understanding of the workplace and personal needs of our employees, and with the aim to care for their well-being while enhancing their job performance and efficiency, we have enabled flexible working hours and locations for certain back office staff, to cater to their duties and personal preferences.

In FY2023, we have renovated partial floors of major operating buildings into hybrid office space blending technology and contemporary design. This office space offers a diverse range of co-working spaces, meeting rooms, event areas and rest zones, all tailored to the collaborative and individual needs of our employees. This setup will provide the flexibility and inspiration needed to unleash the full potential of our employees.

Mentorship Programme for Frontline Staff

To ensure that new frontline staff can quickly integrate into our workplace, acquire job-specific expertise and skills and foster a sense of team work, we have established the Mentorship Programme. This programme involves the appointment of experienced and qualified mentors to guide new frontline staff in mastering the corporate culture, organisational structure, work processes and other necessary knowledge and skills. In addition, we will provide discretionary incentives and awards for “Best Newcomer” and “Best Mentor” to both new employees and their mentors, with the aim of promoting knowledge transfer, cooperation, and mutual success, while reinforcing their sense of belonging to the Group and validating their career development trajectory.

FY2023 total training hours
FY2023 average training hours per employee
Empowering Intrapreneurship

In addition to our regular employee training programmes, we have committed to fostering a spirit of intrapreneurship among our workforce. To this end, we organised a variety of initiatives to transform employees into self motivated and open minded leaders, who act like entrepreneurs within our Group.

Occupational Health and Safety
  • Established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee to advocate and oversee our occupational health and safety measures
  • Enhanced our safety management system and measures in all our production hubs by adopting the more stringent ISO 45001 standards, migrating from OHSAS 18001
  • Continuously implement our “Zero-Accident Programme” that includes regular inspections of our production hubs
Employee Well-being
  • Organised an array of recreational activities for our staff to promote work-life balance and health
  • Adopted family-friendly measures, such as providing nursing facilities at offices and special leaves for staff
  • Set up Employee Assistance Programme ("EAP”) with EAP ambassadors help to take care of our colleagues’ mental wellbeing by providing psychological consultations


  • Employees formed teams playing the basketball to workout during leisure time.
  • Employees built a green life through the Kokedama workshop.
  • We provide breastfeeding room in our office space to foster a mother-friendly environment.
  • Employees form running team for exercise.
  • Employees enjoyed a sense of tranquility through oil painting class
  • We organised the HUA Collection Craftsmanship and Product Training program, allowing our employees to enrich their knowledge in relevant products and preservation of craftsmanship.