Empowering the Next Generation
We offer a comprehensive two-year Management Trainee Programme to provide diverse learning opportunities, such as job rotation, leadership training and mentorship coaching by senior executives, allowing our Management Trainees to explore different career paths and realise their potential.


“The Programme’s mission is to foster the preservation of 90 years’ valuable knowledge accumulated by the Group. Our training continuously incorporates the most up-to-date ideas, and essentially demonstrates the spirit of sharing upheld by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group.”

Cary Sum, Manager of Human Capital Management Centre

“I joined the Group through the Management Trainee Programme and have since developed my career pathway here. When I was a Management Trainee, my mentor guided me with his concrete experience, and my supervisor nurtured me with valuable on-the-job training opportunities. Now, being a mentor myself, I will continue the good tradition in nurturing my mentees.”

Carol Cheung, Associate Director of Luxury Jewellery Management Department, Mentor and former Management Trainee

“Apart from passing on my skills and working experience as a mentor, I am responsible for supporting the mentee in transitioning from being a student to being a member of the Group. The Programme also provides a good platform for me to engage with and understand younger generations.”

Alex Cheung, Supervisor of Hong Kong and Macau Operations Management Centre, Mentor and former Management Trainee

“I studied Fine Arts at university, and I’m happy that the Group offered me this job opportunity to realise my passion in arts, and to further explore and discover the aestheticism in jewellery. This Management Trainee Programme has equipped me with diverse skills and in-depth knowledge relevant to the industry. In addition, the Programme enables me to rediscover myself.”

Ada Tung, Management Trainee

“I was pretty nervous during my first day at the retail branch. I’m grateful for the patient guidance of my experienced senior colleagues, which helped me acquire useful marketing and communication skills. I have become more confident and proactive in engaging with customers now.”

Andrew Fan, Management Trainee

FY2020 average training hours per employee
YoY change of total training hours in FY2020
Empowering Intrapreneurship

In addition to our regular employee training programmes, we have committed to fostering a spirit of intrapreneurship among our workforce. To this end, we organised a variety of initiatives to transform employees into self motivated and open minded leaders, who act like entrepreneurs within our Group.

Occupational Health and Safety
  • Established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee to advocate and oversee our occupational health and safety measures
  • Obtained OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management in the production hubs in Wuhan and Shenzhen
  • Continuously implement our “Zero-Accident Programme” that includes regular inspections of our production hubs
Employee Well-being
  • Organised an array of recreational activities for our staff to promote work-life balance and health
  • Adopted family-friendly measures, such as providing nursing facilities at offices and special leaves for staff


  • Our Smart Learning App allows our employees to participate in online training anytime and anywhere, and join events and seminars via live broadcast.
  • Football tournaments were organised for employees to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Employees had fun making delicious cocktails at a staff workshop.
  • Our senior management and young talents experienced the future of retail through site visits and talks during a three day Greater Bay Area field trip
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day
  • “Slash” located in our Shenzhen Headquarters, is an unbounded co-working environment that aims to transform our employees to become “Slashies”, who possess skills and innovative ideas for multiple careers.