Exploring Future of Work

In 2020, we launched a virtual internship during the pandemic, onboarding over 40 E-Interns to collaborate with our business teams through remote work. Our E-interns participated in brand projects and co-created innovative KOL ideas to maximise our impact in the new retail eco-system. They also joined our weekly-learning online, reverse mentorship and site visits to witness how we innovate the business and execute differentiation strategy. Such agile way of work was well received by the passionate, digital native generation.


Nurturing Our Innovators

Every summer, we bring in university students of high calibre to experience our new retail practices through the Smart Ambassador Experiences. We match them with innovation projects leveraging their strengths and mentors guiding them the knowledges about Chow Tai Fook. We also offer field trips to different shops, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and other retail pioneers in the market for them to witness the latest trends and development.

Empowering the New Generation

We offer a two-year Management Trainee Development Programme with dynamic business exposure and learning opportunities to university graduates from diverse backgrounds annually. They are hand-picked by Global Intellectual Capital Hub for various business teams across our global businesses.

Our Management Trainees gain solid operational experience through job rotations at frontline, back office and product manufacturing. They also take part in cross-departmental projects related to customer experience transformation, digitalisation, data analytics and product development, allowing them to realise their potential and explore different career paths.

Developing T-shaped Talent

“I studied Fine Arts at university, and I’m happy that the Group offered me this job opportunity to realise my passion in arts, and to further explore and discover the aestheticism in jewellery. This Management Trainee Development Programme has equipped me with diverse skills and in-depth knowledge relevant to the industry. In addition, it enables me to rediscover myself.”

Ada Tung, graduated Management Trainee turned product development specialist in our Jewellery Creative Centre (first left)

“I was pretty nervous during my first day at the retail branch. I’m grateful for the patient guidance of my experienced colleagues, who helped me acquire useful marketing and communication skills. I have become more confident and proactive in engaging with customers now.”

Andrew Fan, graduated Management Trainee turned project specialist in our Group Branding Centre (fifth left)

Our Management Trainee Development Programme was awarded Excellence in Graduate Recruitment/Development - Silver in HR Distinction Awards 2020.

FY2021 total training hours
FY2021 average training hours per employee
Empowering Intrapreneurship

In addition to our regular employee training programmes, we have committed to fostering a spirit of intrapreneurship among our workforce. To this end, we organised a variety of initiatives to transform employees into self motivated and open minded leaders, who act like entrepreneurs within our Group.

Occupational Health and Safety
  • Established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee to advocate and oversee our occupational health and safety measures
  • Enhanced our safety management system and measures in all our production hubs by adopting the more stringent ISO 45001 standards, migrating from OHSAS 18001
  • Continuously implement our “Zero-Accident Programme” that includes regular inspections of our production hubs
Employee Well-being
  • Organised an array of recreational activities for our staff to promote work-life balance and health
  • Adopted family-friendly measures, such as providing nursing facilities at offices and special leaves for staff


  • Our Smart Learning App allows our employees to participate in online training anytime and anywhere, and join events and seminars via live broadcast.
  • Football tournaments were organised for employees to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Employees had fun making delicious cocktails at a staff workshop.
  • Our senior management and young talents experienced the future of retail through site visits and talks during a three day Greater Bay Area field trip
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day
  • “Slash” located in our Shenzhen Headquarters, is an unbounded co-working environment that aims to transform our employees to become “Slashies”, who possess skills and innovative ideas for multiple careers.