CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY offers four core product categories, namely classic, fashion, wedding, and exclusive, catering to customers’ every need. Classic products feature time-tested designs. Fashion accessories are the perfect complements to trendy apparels. Our signature wedding jewellery products celebrate the couple’s matrimony and life together. CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY also collaborates with various brands to launch exclusive products, providing customers with innovative and diversified product offerings.


Aiming to deliver an exceptional customer experience, CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY continuously enhances the store layout and product display. The latest layout of mainstream shops symbolises life journeys, and features “luggage” as the design theme. Pink, chosen to create a young and vibrant ambiance, complements the brand’s iconic red in the shops’ decor. In-store displays are orchestrated to appeal to customers’ emotions when it comes to shopping for jewellery, and are presented in distinct styles that correspond to four core product categories, namely classic, fashion, wedding and exclusive. The shopping environment is designed to raise the brand image, product design, and customer experience to new heights, and promote consistency among market positioning, customer profiles, and product offerings.


Conceptualised with the ideas of “heritage” and “gift giving”, the experience stores offer customers an innovative shopping experience. The “heritage” theme is articulated in the shop design that is inspired by a treasure vault. Product display conveyors and do-it-yourself (“DIY”) gift wrapping are introduced to rejuvenate the shopping experience. The “gift giving” themed stores are designed to invoke a gift box, and the colourful decor brings to mind the joy of receiving a gift. Open displays in these stores allow customers to browse merchandise on their own.