“Castle of Magical Dreams” Pure Gold Castle

Chow Tai Fook has been appointed the "Royal Jewelers" for Hong Kong Disneyland's castle keepsakes and treasures, including themed jewellery for Disney Princesses and Queens.

To celebrate the first anniversary of our Enchanted Treasures jewellery shop, in FY2022, we unveiled the Prestige Pure Gold Castle valued at HK$16 million. This exquisite piece is an authentic 1:60 replica of the "Castle of Magical Dreams" at Hong Kong Disneyland and took two years to make.

The Gold Castle exemplifies integration of traditional jewellery making techniques with modern technology. We modelled the original structure using 3D software, breaking it down into 221 separate parts that were then processed and assembled by our artisans. To make the finished product look even more dazzling, every surface was polished and sandblasted using diamond powder.

Advanced technology deployed in this project helped to conserve resources and improve efficiency. Compared to more traditional processes, we saved over 4,000 pieces of paper and 1,800 kg of vulcanised rubber/ silicone, wax and gypsum powder. We also eliminated emissions and odour from traditional casting techniques.

CTF • HUÁ Collection

The CTF • HUÁ Collection features design elements inspired by ancient Chinese symbols, pictographs and decorative patterns representing the sentiment of "good blessings."

Time-tested gold-working techniques have been meticulously deployed to create smooth and intriguing jewellery pieces in distinctively bulbous forms with a matte finish to preserve the natural colour and texture of gold.

Image Pro x Loupe Microfilming project

In FY2022, Loupe partnered with Image Pro, a local social enterprise, to launch our first collaborative project entitled “Bling Bling Idea Image Dream Sail” Microfilming Project.

Participating students, researched, wrote and filmed three microfilms inspired by Loupe designers on the themes of Love, Family, and Fantasy.

Loupe Design Incubation Platform

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