Feature stories

T MARK: Truthful Diamond, Truthful Origins
Chow Tai Fook launched a new traceable diamond brand T MARK in 2016. Each T MARK diamond is inscribed with a “T MARK” using Chow Tai Fook’s patented nano-inscription technology, which enables customers to trace the diamond’s journey from sourcing to production.
Exploring Future of Work
In 2020, we launched a virtual internship during the pandemic, onboarding over 40 E-Interns to collaborate with our business teams through remote work. Our E-interns participated in brand projects and co-created innovative KOL ideas to maximise our impact in the new retail eco-system. They also joined our weekly-learning online, reverse mentorship and site visits to witness how we innovate the business and execute differentiation strategy. Such agile way of work was well received by the passionate, digital native generation. 
Saving Paper with E-invoicing
“Using e-invoice brings environmental benefits by reducing our paper consumption. Our customers appreciate our environmental conservation efforts and welcome this measure as the whole payment process is streamlined, taking only one minute.”
Loupe: Inspiring Future Industry Talents
“I'm from Macedonia and I feel so blessed to be able to visit Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Creative Centre in Shunde, Mainland China to learn about traditional Chinese craftsmanship from the masters, which has inspired me to create something different.”