Feature stories

“Golden Techniques II: Art of the Chinese Goldsmiths” Exhibition
Since 2014, Chow Tai Fook Master Studio and the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong have carried out a research project on ancient Chinese goldsmiths. We released our findings of the second phase of research in February 2023, to deepen public understanding of traditional goldsmithing.
Supplier Due Diligence
We refer to recognised international and industry standards and guidelines and improved our supplier due diligence management mechanism. During the year, we conducted due diligence on key diamond raw material suppliers and used digital tools to analyse the background, qualifications, policy implementation and transparency of suppliers to identify and assess their sustainability risks.
Agile Working Mode
We adopt agile working by enabling flexible working hours and locations for certain back office staff to cater to their duties and personal preferences. In FY2023, we have renovated partial floors of major operating buildings into hybrid office space tailored to the collaborative and individual needs of our employees. This setup will provide the flexibility and inspiration needed to unleash the full potential of our employees.
Application of Green Production Measures in Goldsmiths
Throughout the process of goldsmithing, we use various environmentally friendly practices during the production process, striving to minimise the use of resources and environmental impact during the production process, and carry forward traditional craftsmanship with a sustainable approach, allowing crafts to not only embody the blessings of longevity and good fortune, but also highlight the significance of protecting precious natural resources and promoting recycling.
Silent Barista
Chow Tai Fook partnered with OATLY, a brand of oat milk, to conduct the Silent Barista training program at a coffee shop located in the Chow Tai Fook Group Tower in Shenzhen, empowering silent baristas to pursue their "coffee dreams".