T MARK: Traceable Diamond, Truthful Sources

We launched a traceable diamond brand T MARK in 2016, which extended diamond authentication by pioneering our revolutionary “4Ts” concept (Traceable, Transparent, Truthful and Thoughtful). “Traceable” is reflected by the diamond’s inscription of a “T” mark and a set of very tiny serial numbers using patented nano-inscription technology, which reveal the unique information on the stone’s production journey starting with sourcing. The diamond is “Transparent”, which enables customers to access the history of each diamond, hence adding value to the diamond. The “Truthful” concept safeguards the diamond’s credibility and integrity as the unique code and “T” mark can only be seen with the 150X Chow Tai Fook Diamond Viewer. Finally, the T MARK is “Thoughtful” by ensuring the diamonds are natural, conflict-free and fully comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (“Kimberley Process”) from sourcing, production, setting to sale.

To offer additional assurance on the quality of a T MARK diamond, we have been collaborating with GIA since 2018 by using blockchain technology to provide digital diamond grading reports. Through the technology, the diamond grading results recorded on the blockchain are immutable, permanent and unchangeable, ensuring the authenticity and security of the data. Customers can also instantly access the diamond grading reports on a mobile app. We also collaborated with key insurance providers to provide customers with a value added protection on selective T MARK diamond products. These initiatives further earn our customers’ trust, as well as set a new standard for the industry.

Jeweller to collaborate with GIA to apply blockchain technology in order to deliver secure and digital diamond grading reports to customers
Best Practice Principles for suppliers developed and to be launched in FY2022
Ensure every product that our customers purchase is from ethical sources and trustworthy suppliers
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Supply chain management
Endeavour to produce high-quality products for customers
  • Quality control
  • Intellectual property rights
Endeavour to protect customers' interests
  • Quality services
  • Transparent pricing
  • Responsible marketing
  • Customer privacy and personal information
Commit to providing comprehensive after-sales services
  • Return and exchange policy
  • Value our customers' feedback
  • Stringent inspections conducted on sources of diamonds to ensure that they meet the criteria if the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme ("KPCS"), meaning that they are not "conflict diamonds"
  • Our suppliers shall comply with the Code of Practices for Supplier Assessment, which contains detailed requirements for different aspects including labour rights, enviromental standards and anti-money laundering
  • Regular assessments conducted to monitor the sustainability performance of our suppliers
  • Internally, we have established certified testing centres to ensure only qualified products that meet our safety standards are sold to customers
  • Externally, we confirm with third-party inspection standards advocated by industry associations to further enchance customer confidence in our products
Natural Diamond Quality Assurance Mark
Ensure our diamond products are not "artificial", "man-made" or "synthetic"
Natural Jade Quality Mark
Ensure the original structure and colour of our jade products have not been altered
Quality Gold Mark
Ensure our gold products meet the fineness requirement


  • In December 2018, we joined a range of leading businesses from across the diamond value chain in piloting Tracr, the next generation asset-tracking platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence, to enhance consumer assurance over a diamond’s traceability, provenance, and authenticity.
  • We support the “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme launched by the Intellectual Property Department of the Government of the HKSAR, which ensures that retailers do not sell or deal in counterfeit or pirated goods.

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