Sponsors “Happy Kits” for all Hong Kong DSE students

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group actively responded to “Happy DSE, Hong Kong Energy” organized by Chief Happiness Officer Association and has donated 30,000 high protection masks to show care for the DSE candidates, meanwhile embodying the Group’s commitment to caring the Hong Kong society.

Organized by Chief Happiness Officer Association, “Happy DSE, Hong Kong Energy” has gathered the support of more than 50 cross-sectoral enterprises. The Association will distribute "DSE candidates cheer up stickers" and 30,000 “Happy Kits” to DSE candidates at more than 30 collection points in Hong Kong to brighten them up.

Love Begins Here

In FY2022, Chow Tai Fook joined hands with Teach for China to support the "Love Begins Here" project. The vision of this initiative is to deliver high-quality education in rural China in order to enable all children could grow up confidently and happily.

In celebration of this partnership, Chow Tai Fook has released a special jewellery series under the same name - "Love Begins Here" - to raise awareness about the plight of rural children. We hope to invite the public to help us take action so that our love can be shared with many more children in rural areas.

"Home · Source" bracelets from the "Love Begins Here" collection are interlocked and engraved with the character for LOVE. The bracelet design also sparks childlike joy with playful charms that can be swapped and matched according to personal preference.

HK$ 54,800,000
Total amount of donations in FY2022
Hours of volunteer service
Our “Do Good” spirit, representing a positive and caring attitude to promote positive change in our community, inspires us to proactively organise and participate in various community initiatives. We seek to maintain partnerships with non-governmental organisations to better address the needs of our community. Our partners include Diamond Empowerment Fund, SEE Foundation, UNICEF, Youth Outreach and numerous reputable NGOs in Mainland China, Hong Kong, China and in other regions in which we operate.

Our Initiatives

  • We supported the tree planting programme of the SEE Foundation in Ala Shan Desert to reduce the threat of desert dust storms and create a more hospitable environment in arid regions.
  • “Do Good” bracelet: DEF introduced the bracelet to promote how “diamonds do good.” We are honoured to manufacture the bracelet, which has been seen by over 45 million people in the media and on social media platforms.
  • Do Good - Caring Action: Since 2013, our volunteer team has been collaborating with various NGOs in supporting the underprivileged, disabled and elderly people in the community by providing caring services such as visits, cleaning and repairs
  • We have established the Cheng Kar-Shun Youth Development Foundation and Cheng Kar-Shun Champion Development Foundation to provide an innovative entrepreneurship platform, supporting young people to follow their dreams, and to nurture national athletics development.
  • We set up an in house face mask production line leveraging our high standard dust free cleanroom technology at our production hub in Shunde with a production capacity of around 100,000 face masks per day. Face masks produced are for distribution to our employees and for donation to communities in need.
  • Through our Do Good ~ Caring Anti-epidemic Action, our volunteer team has visited various districts in Hong Kong to deliver anti-epidemic bags for the underprivileged, including the elderly, street sleepers and families in need.