Loupe: Inspiring Future Industry Talents

Loupe, our artistic incubation space in PMQ, Hong Kong, is a platform that fosters exchange between our master craftsmen and young jewellery designers.

At Loupe’s Design Residency Programme, young designers-in-residence have an invaluable opportunity of working directly with our experienced masters from The Master Studio of Chow Tai Fook to bridge the gap between their creative ideas and practical skills. At the same time, our masters gain insights from the innovative perspectives of young designers-in-residence. This platform not only fosters ideas and experience exchanges across generations, but also opens intercultural interactions between traditional and contemporary techniques, eastern and western craftsmanship, as well as local and global jewellery trends.

Loupe also creates opportunities for its designers-in-residence to showcase their products at various jewellery exhibitions. One of the best examples in FY2019 was that Loupe provided 10 designers-in-residence a valuable networking and exhibition opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, one of the largest international jewellery events, in which the designers-in-residence were able to showcase their products and meet with industry leaders.

“I'm from Macedonia and I feel so blessed to be able to visit Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Creative Centre in Shunde, Mainland China to learn about traditional Chinese craftsmanship from the masters, which has inspired me to create something different.”

Mima Pejoska Loupe designer-in-residence

“Jewellery design is art creation. But I also need to learn how to market my products in order to be a successful designer. Loupe has provided me with opportunities to meet with customers of different backgrounds and to learn practical marketing skills from Chow Tai Fook’s colleagues.”

Ronald Chan Loupe designer-in-residence

“For visitors and designers alike, Loupe is the gateway to connect with the world. It is a platform for sharing concepts and design processes for the creative industry.”

Ricky Lai Project Manager at Loupe

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Our “Do Good” spirit, representing a positive and caring attitude to promote positive change in our community, inspires us to proactively organise and participate in various community initiatives. We seek to maintain partnerships with non-governmental organisations to better address the needs of our community. Our partners include Diamond Empowerment Fund, SEE Foundation, UNICEF, Youth Outreach and numerous reputable NGOs in Mainland China, Hong Kong, China and in other regions in which we operate.

Our Initiatives

  • We fully supported the “Ancient Chinese Gold Techniques” Research Project and “Golden Techniques: Art of the Chinese Goldsmiths” Exhibition in 2018 to preserve heritage Chinese gold jewellery craftsmanship. Historical gold working, design, and production techniques are less well-known among all kinds of ancient Chinese craftsmanship.
  • “C+ Creative Park,” our new incubation space located at our Jewellery Park in Wuhan, aims to support talent in technological development, promote entrepreneurial culture, and encourage the pursuit of various long-term business opportunities.
  • We supported the tree planting programme of the SEE Foundation in Ala Shan Desert to reduce the threat of desert dust storms and create a more hospitable environment in arid regions.
  • “Do Good” bracelet: DEF introduced the bracelet to promote how “diamonds do good.” We are honoured to manufacture the bracelet, which has been seen by over 45 million people in the media and on social media platforms.