Debut of Hayley Paige for HEARTS ON FIRE Collection
23 Oct 2019

HEARTS ON FIRE joins hands with Hayley Paige, one of the most sought-after bridal dress designers from the United States to unveil a brand new Hayley Paige for HEARTS ON FIRE Collection. By featuring the pink sapphire on the side of the band as well as ingeniously incorporating the elements of lace and bead flower that usually embellish on wedding dress, the collection witnesses the perfect blend of HEARTS ON FIRE's perfectly cut diamonds with Hayley Paige's whimsical bridal dress design. 

One of the collections is sculpted with the stripes and the fit-and-flare design of gowns so as to create a V-shaped silhouette. The ring of Bring The Drama, inspired by the appearance of oblique shoulder dress, initially uses three precious metals of different colours to craft a three-layer ring that demonstrates the airy effect of a tulle gown.

Hayley also attended the press conferences in Beijing and Taiwan, China to share her creative inspirations and design concepts. During the event, she sincerely put on a Chinese dragon-and-phoenix wedding gown to experience the traditional Chinese wedding culture.