Chow Tai Fook Recreates Iconic Artworks to Pay Tribute to the Profound History and Culture of China
09 May 2019

Drawing on centuries-old Chinese traditions and craftsmanship, the Chinese people created jewellery that embodies the best of Chinese culture for humanity. To breathe new life into traditional gold jewellery, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group reinterpreted the art of jewellery making from ancient China to launch the CTF • HUÁ Collection, winning the hearts of young people who boldly express their authenticity and cultural identity through fashion. The first CTF • HUÁ specialty shop in Mainland China opened in mid-April 2019 in Shunde. Its iconic and stylish interior décor and shop front, featuring the contemporary “melted gold” theme, helps redefine luxury and sophistication in the Mainland China jewellery market. The Group also collaborates with the Palace Museum to launch the Palace Collection. Wholly inspired by original imperial court jewellery, the new collection, updated with modern aesthetics and sensibility, is now on sale at the Treasure Gallery of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

In the meantime, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group signed a strategic partnership with Beijing Gongmei Group on 9 May. Gongmei Group is not only the leading enterprise known for its focus on craftsmanship and art throughout Mainland China, but its commitment to enriching the Chinese artisanal heritage is also widely recognised. Under this agreement, the two companies will cooperate and leverage their capital as well as cultural, technological, marketing resources to promote the coming China-chic jewellery trend coveted by connoisseurs and consumers at home and abroad.