Chow Tai Fook "Beyond Time" Diamond Exhibition A Visual Feast of Jewellery Artistry
27 Sep 2023

With over 90 years of history, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group has been dedicated to the cultivation of jewellery craftsmanship and innovative design. Embodying a pioneering spirit, not only it haswitnessed the transformative journey of diamonds to enduring treasures, it also set numerous industry standards, exemplifying its unwavering commitment and pursuit of diamonds. This arduous process resonates with the diamonds' unyielding brilliance that shines forth. Throughout the ages, diamonds have remained eternally resplendent, cherished as exquisite natural gems by discerning connoisseurs.

There is nothing that surpasses eternity quite like diamonds in the world. Having traveled through billions of yearsand endured the changes of the Earth, diamond has emerged from volcanic eruptions to become unique natural treasures. To showcase the magnificent beauty of diamonds, Chow Tai Fook is presenting "Beyond Time" diamond exhibition at Duplex Studio of Tai Kwun from today (27th September) to next Monday (2nd October). In an ambiance of over 170 years of history, this exhibition intertwines history and art, offering a dreamlike journey to tranquilly experience the unparalleled beauty of these precious treasures.

The Radiant Gift of the Earth   Mirrored Eternity
An elegant red tunnel leads you into a journey of natural diamonds. Alongside, the story wall reveals the inseparable bond between Chow Tai Fook and diamonds, showcasing their enduring commitment to crafting dazzling natural diamonds over the years. Through immersive art installations, you will find yourself surrounded by a projection of diamonds in various sizes and cuts, resembling a kaleidoscope of richness and diversity. It guides participants to visually immerse themselves in the shimmering splendor, experiencing the unique allure of diamonds. Here, you will explore the inner beauty of diamonds and marveled by the treasure forged by nature.

Grand Debut of the Extraordinary Jewellery Masterpiece “A Heritage in Bloom”
There are no two diamonds that are exactly alike in the world. Each diamond is utterly unique, just like the one-of-a-kind you. To have participants to experiencing the exceptional artistry of these unrivaled jewelleries up close, Chow Tai Fook is showcasing 10 resplendent and vibrant diamond art pieces. Each jewellery creation is a testament to the fusion of elegant design and remarkable craftsmanship, narrating its own distinctive story.

Among them, the spectacular masterpiece "A Heritage in Bloom" takes center stage in its public debut. Conceived by the world-renowned jewellery artist Wallace Chan, this extraordinary creation features Twenty-four D-colour internally flawless (DIF) diamonds of breathtaking beauty. These diamonds were sourced from the exceptionally rare 507.55 carat Type IIA "Cullinan Heritage" rough diamond, and whereacquired by Chow Tai Fook successfully in a bid in 2010 reuniting the pieces once again into a delicate masterpiece. Taking over 47,000 hours of intricate work by a team of veteran jewellers.  “A Heritage in Bloom” features a 104-carat brilliant round diamond with the highest possible cut grade of 3-Excellent, the largest of its kind that has ever been made. This incomparable artistic treasure will undoubtedly leave participants in awe, further solidifying Chow Tai Fook's esteemed position as a leading expert in diamonds craftsmanship and designs.

Apart from the esteemed "A Heritage in Bloom" the exhibition has meticulously curated two exquisite treasures of natural-colored diamonds. The chance of successfully mining colored diamonds is a mere one in ten thousand, making it an exceptionally rare and captivating encounter. Among them is the magnificent "Aurora Green" diamond, adorned with a Radiant FVG VS2 5.03ct, it bears the remarkable name of the elusive natural wonder, Aurora Borealis, perfectly complementing the unique hue of the vibrant green diamond. This exceptional natural gem is a testament to its arduous acquisition and stands as a true marvel.

Moreover, the exhibition presents the mesmerizing blue diamond, which Chow Tai Fook purchased from The Cullinan Mine at auction in Petra in November 2019. With dedicated craftsmanship spanning three years, the brand meticulously fashioned an exquisite Heart FVB VVS2 8.08ct using exclusive tools. Each unparalleled work of art displayed at the exhibition is destined to evoke admiration from participants, further exemplifying Chow Tai Fook's esteemed status as a diamond connoisseur.

One-of-a-Kind Gemstone mark
Participants can engage in a specially designed interactive experience by scanning the pre-registered QR code. Select the four most cherished emotions from your life and based on your responses, a one-of-a-kind gemstone pattern will be created exclusively. The intricate design will be crafted using a combination of different diamond cuts, resulting in a truly unique and unparalleled piece. Upon completed the game, participants will receive a limited-edition gift featuring a personalized diamond mark, a timeless keepsake akin to a precious diamond.

Chow Tai Fook “Beyond Time” Diamond Exhibition
Date: 27th September (Wednesday) to 2nd October (Monday)
        *27th & 28th September – by invitation only
Location: Tai Kwun, Duplex Studio, Block 1, Central Police Station
                (No. 10 Hollywood, Central)
Time: 10am to 7pm

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