Chow Tai Fook introduces a series of new creations to its HUÁ Collection through collaborating with Shaanxi History Museum and Northwestern Polytechnical University
07 Aug 2023

Chow Tai Fook welcomes a line of remarkable new creations to their signature HUÁ collection with an immersive launch event hosted at the Shaanxi History Museum. On August 7, Mr. Wong Siu-kee, Managing Director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, Mr. Hou Ningbin, Curator of Shaanxi History Museum, and Mr. Yang Xiao, Deputy Secretary of Northwestern Polytechnical University, came together to celebrate the launch of the exciting creations at the unveiling ceremony.

The HUÁ collection, being a testament to the brand’s passion for preserving traditional Chinese culture, transforms ancestral Chinese motifs into timeless and contemporary icons. The collection aims to promote the powerful aesthetics embedded in Chinese heritage and redefine the perception of gold jewellery. This time, Chow Tai Fook collaborates with Shaanxi History Museum and Northwestern Polytechnical University to introduce new innovative pieces inspired by cultural relics formed thousands of years ago.

Chow Tai Fook Crafts Masterpieces with Shaanxi History Museum and Northwestern Polytechnical University

As a leading jewellery brand with almost 95 years of legacy, Chow Tai Fook has always understood the importance of safeguarding traditional culture and has consistently dedicated resources to conserve and explore elements of traditional Chinese culture and art alongside various cultural organisations. With a mission to publicise ancient Chinese craftsmanship to younger generations, Chow Tai Fook has established a tripartite partnership with Shaanxi History Museum and Northwestern Polytechnical University to educate the global audience about the beauty in Chinese history and extend the impact of Chinese culture through aesthetic gold jewellery suitable for everyday wear.

Under this collaboration, the three parties worked closely and shared their knowledge to craft artful masterpieces with modern and contemporary designs – creating gold creations that break the boundaries of traditional jewellery norms. The Shaanxi History Museum, known as the “Pearl of the Ancient Capital and the Treasure House of China”, is home to more than 1.7 million pieces of exquisite cultural relics, with many relics rooting from the Tang Dynasty. From product design to creation, the Shaanxi History Museum has provided their expertise and rich understanding of Chinese historical context to support the design inspiration of the innovations in the HUÁ collection. With a state-of-the-art research facility and world-class archaeology and art research team, Northwestern Polytechnical University supported the collaboration with their professional guidance, scientific resources and artefact research to the production of the new additions. All three parties had one mission: to keep traditional Chinese historical and cultural elements while transforming gold into a timeless design that will defy the decades to come.

Experience the Wonders of Gold with the Tang Dynasty

The new additions to the HUÁ collection are mainly inspired by the gold and silver relics of the Tang Dynasty, which are treasured by the Shaanxi History Museum. While developing each creation, the design team dug deep into every element of the Tang Dynasty. They took the poems and fugues as a guide, absorbed classic elements from gorgeous ancient garments, and studied the prosperous culture of the Tang Dynasty to accurately reflect the exquisite life and essence of that period back to life. All these different historical aspects were considered before integrating contemporary designs – resulting in masterpieces that exude heritage while embodying an innovative vision of the brand.

When it comes to craftsmanship, the HUÁ collection is unlike any other. The collection uses ancient gold crafting techniques to replicate the typical craftsmanship used during the Tang Dynasty – from carving to beadwork. Most products are engraved with the Yuzidi pattern on the gold and silver surface for decoration. Highly skilled gold artisans carefully etch each pattern in similar sizes and orderly circles. These pieces require over ten different procedures and processes to finally create a complex three-dimensional creation with elaborate designs – encapsulating the distinctive artistic characteristics and the unique charm of the Tang Dynasty.

In particular, the Pure Gold Bracelet of the HUÁ collection uses traditional gold foundry techniques inspired by several antiques from the Shaanxi History Museum – such as the Tuanhua Gilt-bronze Plate, White Jade Belt Accessory and Peacock Pattern Silver Square Box. The square shape is from White Jade Belt Accessory, decorated with honeysuckles of Peacock Pattern Silver Square Box and the elements of Tuanhua Gilt-bronze Plate, where the centre of the square is embellished with tiny corn-shaped gold. The Pure Gold Bracelet symbolises everlasting glory and wealth, which brings people back to the splendour of the Tang Dynasty.

Bringing the Golden Age is Back: An Era of Merging the Past with the Future

The launch event on August 7 at Shaanxi History Museum was a huge success. The event brought guests back to ancient times, starting with a mesmerizing Tang Dynasty dance. Representatives of Chow Tai Fook, Shaanxi History Museum, and Northwestern Polytechnical University delivered speeches that highlighted the goals of this cooperation: an active attempt to blend the traditional culture of the Tang Dynasty with contemporary innovation and design – producing stunning cultural and artistic creations that are adored by consumers of all ages – especially the younger generation of China. The representatives of each party also accentuated the importance of this partnership, which is to carry forward the inheritance of Chinese traditions and promote the beauty of Chinese culture to a young, global audience.

During the runway show, the brand presented the cultural genes of the HUÁ collection in a chic and stylish way, further deepening the beauty of the elegant and refined products. The new creations of the collection made a stunning debut amidst the sound of drums containing the Tang culture and Xi’an characteristics.

The collaboration is an embodiment of Chow Tai Fook’s commitment to preserving traditional Chinese culture and demonstrates the brand’s plan to revolutionise the jewellery industry. The release of the collection aims to break styling boundaries and bring the trend of wearing gold to the modern day. Chow Tai Fook will continue to adapt different aspects of Chinese heritage and culture to the modern-day era to safeguard the vitality of Chinese culture and illustrate the beauty of oriental art to the world.