Chow Tai Fook’s Brand-New HUÁ Collection Embraces Traditional Chinese Culture with Contemporary Jewellery Designs
12 Jul 2023

As an advocate for preserving traditional gold craftsmanship, Chow Tai Fook’s brand-new HUÁ Collection breaks conventional boundaries by redefining the rules of gold jewellery. With ancient motifs at its core, Chow Tai Fook is excited to introduce pieces inspired by the Tang Dynasty and Dunhuang to its collection. 

Imbued with an undying passion for perfection, HUÁ Collection is an ode to innovation by blending contemporary designs with the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Representing wisdom and insights passed from dynasties to dynasties, the history and culture of China continues to influence each and every generation. Chow Tai Fook’s HUÁ Collection pays tribute to Chinese heritage by transforming gold pieces into stylish fashion statements embedded with the vibrancy of traditional Chinese culture suitable for everyday wear. 

Put a Spin to Summer with a Vision of Style Inspired by the Tang Dynasty
The Tang Dynasty was a golden era of art and culture known for its receptiveness to cross-cultural integration and innovation. With a first-ever collaboration with Shaanxi History Museum and Northwestern Polytechnical University, the latest pieces from the HUÁ Collection embody the exquisite lifestyle of the ancient era as reflected by Tang Dynasty collectables featured in the Shaanxi History Museum. The following pieces will be first exhibited and available at the pop-up store.

Colourful Enamel from Dunhuang Art Unveils a Feast of Colours
The HUÁ Collection turns breathtaking Dunhuang murals into creative and auspicious design elements. From the design to the colour palette, each pure gold creation perfectly captures the beauty of Dunhuang art. Bold patterns are painted on pure gold using gold casting and enamelling techniques heated under high temperatures to reveal an extraordinary gem-like lustre and texture.

The HUÁ Collection features earrings, bracelets and necklaces that stand out with striking contrast between rich colours and lustrous gold, adding an eye-catching and stylish touch to your everyday summer look.

An Art of Gold that Transcends Through Time and Space
The HUÁ Collection links up the past and future manifested by the art of gold. Showcasing modern designs with a traditional cultural twist, Chow Tai Fook revolutionises gold jewellery into chic accessories using time-honoured gold-crafting techniques while incorporating precious materials like diamonds and vibrant colours. New pieces from HUÁ Collection can effortlessly complement everyday looks and inspire the younger generation to express their style and individuality.

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