Hearts On Fire Launches VELA - A New Diamond Jewelry Collection That Celebrates Love
30 May 2023

Hearts On Fire, the internationally recognised jewelry brand known for the unparalleled sparkle of its signature cut diamonds, announces the global launch of its new VELA collection.

The collection, which offers a fresh, modern sensibility and timeless appeal, is inspired by the beautiful moment when love takes flight. It is both graceful and strong, rich with the gentle curves and soft, swooping lines of a feather, a design element that appears discreetly in all eleven pieces of the collection, evoking both the lightness and motion of love.

The ethereal diamond engagement rings at the heart of the VELA collection subtly mirror the lightness and shape of a feather floating through the air, with a unique and elegant winged setting that is engineered with no bridge and minimal metal. The airiness of this innovative design is created to fill the stone with light and maximize the brilliance of the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds. Each four-prong setting allows for a 360-degree view of the stone and holds it high, just as we lift up those we love the most.

Beyond the diamond engagement rings, VELA collection highlights include a feather-like pavé cocktail ring that wraps softly around the finger, cradling the engagement ring and transforming the simplicity of a solitaire into a striking style statement; a delicate pendant that evokes two interlocking feathers, symbolising the connection between two hearts; and a dramatic pair of dangling earrings that merge an elongated climber shape with a diamond drop that shimmers and sparkles as the wearer moves.

A key design element of the collection is its generous use of French cut pavé setting, or “fishtail pavé.” This technique, which requires masterful craftsmanship and great skill to execute, takes four times as long to craft than regular pavé and involves a pattern of delicate and deep V-shaped facets on the metal next to the stones. This intricate faceting, paired with the Hearts On Fire signature cut, allows for maximum refraction of light within the diamonds, for an intense and unparalleled sparkle.

The VELA Collection print and digital advertising campaign debuts in all major markets on May 31, 2023 followed by a global UGC activation, #ShowYourLove, on June 15. The activation will encourage people to share their love stories, proposal moments and their journey of love by using the hashtag #showyourlove and tagging @heartsonfire.

The new VELA Collection will launch globally at select retailers, boutiques and via heartsonfire.com on 31st May 2023.

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