A Breakthrough in
the Practice of Diamond Industry

CHOW TAI FOOK launched T MARK diamond brand in 2016. T MARK was designed to boost customer confidence, and the “4Ts” concept was introduced in tandem to highlight our diamonds’ ethical origins and authenticity. Each T MARK diamond is inscribed with a set of unique serial numbers to make it easy for customers to verify the diamond’s life journey. CHOW TAI FOOK has been honoured for its industry-leading T MARK brand at the JNA Awards 2017 and the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2018, winning the Industry Innovation of the Year award and a gold medal respectively.

T MARK “Touch” Collection

Inspired by the gentle touch that connects people, T MARK joins hands with an Italian jewellery designer to present the “Touch” Collection inspired by French sculptor Rodin’s The Cathedral. Resembling the elegant silhouette of interlocking fingers, the poetic collection subtly captures the indescribable passion and promise between lovers with the eternal radiance of T MARK diamonds.

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